Top 7 Android Business Management Apps for Free

Business applications are a difficult subject to master. There are a plethora of variables to take into consideration. This could include factors such as team size, business size, how well the app scales to meet demand, and a slew of other factors. Some apps are better suited for large groups of people, while others are better suited for business people working alone. Some businesses are constantly on the lookout for better products, whereas others prefer to develop their solutions. In the case of native solutions, it is more difficult to come up with lists like this because most businesses already have employee-facing software suites that they use.

Android Business Management Apps
Android Business Management Apps

However, there are some excellent all-around options available, and we believe we have identified some of them. These are the best business apps available for Android devices. These applications are most effective for small and medium-sized businesses. A more customized enterprise solution for larger businesses is likely to be required, and that is an entirely different conversation.

1. Google My Business:

Every day, millions of people use Google to look for businesses like yours, and yours is one of them. With the Google My Business app, you can make your business profile stand out and convert individuals who search for you into consumers.

  • In the Customers tab, you may respond to reviews, communicate with your customers, and see who is following you.
  • Make adjustments to your business profile and observe the results of those changes in real-time on Google.
  • Upload photographs, create intriguing deals and showcase what makes your company stand out from the competition.
  • Right from the app’s Home tab, you can see at a glance how and how much your consumers interact with your business profile and take action.
  • Receive real-time notifications when a customer engages with your business on Google, so you can respond quickly. Concentrate on what you enjoy doing while knowing that Google My Business is working around the clock to help you attract more consumers.
  • You can manage multiple locations from a single dashboard, as well as allow others to manage your listing.

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2. Asana: Work in one place:

With Asana, you can manage both team projects and your work in the most efficient manner. From the smallest details to the grand scheme of things, Asana organises work so that you and your teams are clear on what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and how it needs to be done.

You can use Asana wherever you go:

Asana may be accessed via mobile devices or the web. Project management doesn’t stop when you leave your desk; no matter where you are, you must remain focused and ensure that your team’s work remains on schedule.

Get Your Workshop Organized:

Set up different projects to bring all of your team’s work together in a single, shared location to better collaborate. Divide the workload into manageable tasks and assign them to individuals with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and due dates. Select a project view that best meets your preferences, such as lists, kanban boards, or a calendar.

Improve your ability to focus:

My Tasks will help you be more productive by allowing you to see all of the work that has been assigned to you on a single to-do list. You can easily prioritize your work by dragging and dropping tasks into Asana’s built-in parts, making your checklist sections, or arranging tasks in other ways.

Maintain your connection:

Keeps the conversation going, no matter where you are. By liking, commenting, or attaching files directly to task pages, you may communicate with your peers. In addition, you’ll receive automatic updates about the projects and tasks that are important to you, delivered right to your inbox.

Even more – all with a single piece of equipment:

When you use portfolios, you can view the progress of all of your projects in one convenient location. Custom Fields allow you to personalise your task management by capturing critical information about your tasks. When viewing projects in timeline view, you will see a Gantt chart with task dependencies. The ability to track corporate goals and milestones is unlocked by enabling the use of goals.

Add your organization to the more than 100,000 organizations and millions of users around the world who rely on Asana to keep them organized and in control of their workloads.

Asana’s Work Graph displays every task, project, and objective that exists within your company. So the Work GraphTM helps to ensure that every team and department operates in an environment of integrity, transparency, and cooperation. Everything is in one convenient location.

Now is a good time to download the Asana project management software.

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3. CamScanner:

Are you looking for an efficient scanner application?

CamScanner will transform your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognises text automatically (optical character recognition, or OCR), allowing you to be more productive at work and in your daily life. You can use this scanner app to scan and save documents in PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT formats, as well as to share them with others.

Would you like to be able to carry around your entire office in your pocket while increasing your overall productivity at work?

  • Take advantage of CamScanner to make handling paperwork a breeze. Grab this ultra-fast scanner app now and say goodbye to bulky and heavy copy machines.
  • CamScanner has been installed over 500 million times* in over 200 countries and regions worldwide.
  • There are over 500,000 new registrations every single day.


Digitize Documents in a Short Time:

You can use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan and digitally store all kinds of paper documents, such as receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, and many more things.

Improve the scan quality:

Smart cropping and auto enhancing make sure that the text and graphics in your scans are clear and sharp, and that the colours and resolutions are of the best quality possible. This means that the colours and resolutions are the best they can be.

Extract text from images with a text extraction program:

It is possible to recognize text in images using the optical character recognition (OCR) feature. You can use the text to search for it, edit it, or share it with others later.

Sharing PDF/JPEG Documents:

Social media, email attachments, and a download link are all ways you can share PDF or JPEG documents with your friends.

Documents to be printed and faxed:

Instantly print out any documents in the CamScanner app using a nearby printer that is connected to the internet. Select documents directly from the app and send them via fax to over 30 countries and regions around the world.

Document Editing at a Higher Level:

With a comprehensive set of editing tools, you can add annotations to documents. You can also add custom watermarks to your documents to distinguish them from others.

Quick Search is a convenient way to find what you’re looking for:

Are you having difficulty locating the documents you require? When you use CamScanner, you can tag your documents so that they are easier to find later. Furthermore, optical character recognition (OCR) allows you to search for images based on their content. By using a single word, you can quickly locate the document you’re looking for.

Important Documents Should Be Safeguarded:

If you want to keep confidential information safe, you can protect it by requiring a password to view it. You can also protect the document download link by adding a password to it to make it more secure.

All Platforms Should Be Synchronized:

Sign up to have access to documents on any device you own. To sync your documents with your Smartphone, tablet, or computer, you must first sign in at You will be able to view, edit, and share any document with CamScanner while on the go in this manner.

Membership Subscription with Unlimited Access:

Subscribe to the app, and you’ll be able to use all of its features for as long as you want.

  • Subscriptions are billed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis at the rate determined by the subscription plan selected.
  • Payment will be charged to your Google Play Store account at the time of purchase confirmation.
  • Automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If auto-renew is turned off then the subscription will not renew.
  • If the account is charged for renewal within 24 hours of the current period’s expiration, unless otherwise specified, The cost is determined by the plan that is chosen.
  • It is possible for users to manage their subscriptions and to turn off auto-renewal by logging into their account settings after purchase.
  • Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited if the user decides to subscribe to the service.

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4. Google Drive:

Google Drive, which is a component of Google Workspace, is a secure storage location where you can back up and access all of your files from any device. Invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders with a simple click of a button.

You can do the following with Drive:

  • Store and access your files from any location with ease.
  • Quick access to recently downloaded and critical files
  • Find files by searching for them by name and content.
  • Distribute files and folders and assign permissions to them.
  • Access your content while you’re on the go and not connected to the internet.
  • Get notifications when there’s a lot of activity on your files.
  • Scan paper documents into your device with your device’s camera.

Subscribers to Google Workspace have access to additional Drive functionality, which includes the following:

  • Managing users and file sharing are simple, which makes it easier to comply with data compliance regulations.
  • Directly sharing files and folders with groups or teams within your organisation is another option.
  • Establishing a shared drive to house all of your team’s content is a good idea.

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5. Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Take advantage of a seamless experience with Microsoft tools while on the go by downloading the Office app, which is a straightforward solution for productivity needs. With the help of powerful, customizable templates, Microsoft Office can be used to create a cover letter for any job application.

By using your mobile device to access integrated Office features, you can scan PDF files, create spreadsheets, and build your resume or draught documents at any time and from any location. Keep working no matter where you are or what device you are using, even if your network connection is temporarily interrupted. Whether you’re working on Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or Excel spreadsheets, the Office app provides a streamlined experience.

The Office app will assist you in increasing your productivity at work and in your personal life by utilizing intelligent cloud services and trusted security.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, all in one package:

  • A variety of commonly used tools are now accessible from a single application, making it the go-to productivity document application.
  • With the help of our professional templates, you can use Microsoft Office to create cover letters and edit resumes.
  • When you use cloud-based storage services, you can store and get to files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Real-time creation of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, as well as sharing and collaboration with others.
  • PowerPoint presentations can be shared and edited by multiple people at once. The Presenter Coach will help you practice your presentation.
  • Excel worksheets can be created using one of the many in-app templates, or they can be edited in real-time as needed.
  • The shared view feature makes it easy for you to see and work on files that have been shared with you in person or through Outlook and Teams.
  • Allowing others to edit resumes and cover letters makes it easier to create a seamless collaborative effort.
  • Catch up on missed meetings or resume watching shared videos where you left off.

With Office Lens, you can convert images and documents.

  • Documents can be created by snapping a photo or uploading one from your camera roll.
  • Convert a photograph of a table into an Excel spreadsheet that may be used to manipulate the data.
  • Enhance the resolution of digital photographs of whiteboards, sheets, and other documents.
  • Make a copy of your handwritten notes and keep them with you at all times. Notes can be edited and shared with friends, family, and coworkers in real-time.

Capabilities for scanning and editing PDF documents:

  • It is possible to scan PDF files and convert them into Word documents, as well as the other way around.
  • You can quickly and effortlessly edit PDF files on your mobile device while on the road.
  • PDF Reader allows you to view and sign PDF files.

Functions that are exclusive to the office mobile include:

  • With Sticky Notes, you can quickly write down thoughts and ideas and then save or share them with others.
  • QR Scanner allows you to use your device to scan QR codes and open the links associated with them.
  • Documents and spreadsheets can be transferred between your phone and computer and instantly shared with other mobile devices in your immediate vicinity.

Anyone can use the Office application for free and start working right away. It is possible to access and save documents to the cloud by using a Microsoft Account (for One Drive or SharePoint) or by utilizing a third-party cloud storage provider. As soon as you sign in with your personal Microsoft account, you can use the premium features in the app. This is because your account has been linked to a Microsoft 365 subscription.

With the help of Microsoft Office, you can accomplish more while on the go.


  • A version of the operating system: The most recent four major versions of Android run on an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor.
  • 1 GB of RAM or more is recommended.

These terms and conditions, as well as the privacy statement and terms and conditions for this app, are given by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher, respectively. Your information may be available to Microsoft or the app publisher if that’s the case. Microsoft or the app publisher, as well as their affiliates, service providers, and service providers may store and process your information in the United States or any other country where they have facilities.

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6. PayPal:

There are no additional ways to use PayPal to buy, sell, send, receive, and explore, all in one convenient location. You may use PayPal to get reimbursed for last night’s takeout, send money to pals who already have a PayPal account, buy and pay with cryptocurrency, manage your bills, and many other things. In addition, we’ve included several new features that we believe you’ll enjoy.

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7. Payoneer:

Businesses choose Payoneer to make cross-border payments because it is the most reliable platform. Our primary goal is to streamline global commerce to empower businesses to go above and beyond. Every day, millions of professionals rely on our platform to make their business payments more convenient.

What is it possible to perform using Payoneer?

You will receive payment from marketplaces, platforms, and customers.

Receiving money from clients and markets all over the world is possible. Payoneer receiving accounts allow you to receive payments in a variety of prominent foreign currencies, including the United States dollar, euro, pound sterling, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and more. In over 150 countries and currencies, you can withdraw money from your Payoneer account to your local bank account. You can also use the Payoneer card to withdraw money from an ATM in any country.

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